About Us

About Us

The website was created by a group of enthusiastic, award winning photographers.

Having spent many years making their way within the wildlife photographic industry, we came to the realisation that there were many excellent photographers who may never have the opportunity to have their work published.

Through this website we aim to give photographers an opportunity to share and sell their photographs no matter what volume of images they have. Unlike many of the bigger agencies who demand a regular contribution of work from their photographers, we work on the basis that it is not a question of volume, but quality that counts.

Over time, through this website, we aim to bring you the best quality willdlife and landscape photography that can be found online.

The website itself has been designed to be quick and easy to use with a no hassle payment procedure allowing you to download the images you want straight away.

The people behind

Jason Venus - Trained as a commercial photographer has spent over 20 years taking photos. With a strong business mind he is also involved in numerous business ventures and brings a level headed approach to helping run this website. Notably Jason was the 1996 Winner of the British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, and his work has been published widely in magazines and press. Jason oversees the general running of the website.

Ross Hoddinott -is an award winning, professional outdoor photographer and writer. Based in the South West of England, Ross is one of the country’s leading natural history and landscape photographers. His intimate, striking imagery is published widely. Most recently Ross was thrilled to have been named overall winner at the British Wildlife Photographer Awards (BWPA) with his image of a damselfly silhouetted. Ross is involved in the approval of submissions to the website.

Shaun Murphy - a keen amateur photographer, taking wonderful landscape and wildlife images for as long as he can remember. His early experiences of photography would have seen him spending many hours in a darkroom. he has an excellent understanding of image manipulation, retouching and colour correcting. Shaun is involved in the aproval of submissions to this website and general management of the website content.