As with every website and service being offered there are always questions, hopefully these quick pointers below will help you understand the service we are offering and what this means to you as a picture buyer or a photographer. Of course if you still have a question we have not been able to answer, complete the ask a question form at the bottom of this page.

As a photographer do i have to keep supplying a regular contribution of images?

The simple answer is no, we are happy to accept just one image if we believe that image is truly outstanding. Yes it would be great to see more of your work and be able to sell this on your behalf, but if you only ever submit a selection of photos, that's fine with us.

How much will i get paid when an image is sold?

We take a 40% commission on all photographs sold/downloaded through our website. The rest is yours!

How quickly do i receive the money for sales and how is this paid to me?

Photographers are paid 4 times a year, so every 3 calendar months we add together all sales for each photographer. So for example the first payment within any given year will be based on sales up to the end of March, then end of June, then September, and finally end of December. Payment is made either via cheque through the post or BACS payment directly into your bank. If no sales have been made, then of course no payment will be made to you.

If i already supply pictures to another picture library or sell pictures online myself, are you still happy to accept my work?

Yes, we have no problem with you selling and promoting your own work with other agencies.

If i wish to purchase multiple images form your website do you offer bulk discounts?

We believe we offer one of the best value image download services online, our prices are already competitive and as a rule do not offer bulk discounts. However if your purchase of multiple images is very much a 'bulk' order then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss.

What size files are your image downloads?

All images available for download must be larger then 3000 pixels in either height or width, where possible we aim for 4000 pixels to 5000 pixel images based on the current standard of digital cameras. Our aim is to ensure that the images can easily be used for A4 sized publications.

If i have downloaded but decide the file size is not suffecient for my use, am i able to get a refund?

 Yes, we have a no quibble policy of refunding your download fee if you decide the image is not large enough for use.