Submitting Your Photos

Submitting Your Photos

Important Guidelines for picture submission

.01. Do not over colour process your photographs, bleaching out whites and over saturating colours gives a false and unreal image.
.02. Do not crop too tightly as this does not allow picture editors to crop as they wish.
.03. Make sure the pictures where possible are sharp, especially if depicting an animals face - where the eye should always be crisp.
.04. Avoid distracting out-of-focus foregrounds that cover or overlap the main image.
.05. Do not send multiple images of the same subject, pick the best of the bunch only.
.06. If using camera motion / blur ensure this enhances the picture not ruins it.
.07. Badly lit pictures will never make it through the approval process.
.08. Badly composed pictures with distracting elements creeping into shot will never make it through the approval process.
.09. Ensure any animal pictures are supplied with the correct Latin names and descriptions.
.10. Avoid heavily retouching images to the extent that they look fake.

.01. Send us images regularly
.02. Send images as RGB 8BIT JPG Images
.03. Make sure images are sharp
.04. Make sure images are captioned correctly
.05. Make sure you follow us on Twitter


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