At long last we are looking to re-launch and inject renewed interest into our website, and would really appreciate some feedback before we make any changes.

So then, you are a budding wildlife photographer and keen to sell your work in more places. The bigger agencies often need large submissions for you to be considered with regular image submissions thereafter. You may have just one or two really amazing images that you feel could be a good money earner, or you just want the satisfaction and that warm fuzzy feeling that your work is being seen and published.

We want to be the home of amazing photographs by new and talented photographers. We do not want to be a volume website, we would much rather focus on quality not quantity.

We would want the pictures to be available for download or to be ordered as mounted prints, used in publications, greetings cards, websites and the like using the Creative Commons licence.

There would be no sign up fees to have your work in our website. All submissions would be reviewed and vetted by a panel of experts before being accepted to ensure we only add the best of the best and maintain the high standards of work.

Every one of your images sold, we would take % commission leaving the remainder paid to yourselves quarterly.

So then, that's the plan - but we would really like to know what you think, and how can we help you…